Mining securities

All mining activities authorised (licenced) under the Mining Management Act 2001 are required to lodge a security with the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

The purpose of the security is for the payment of costs if action needs to be taken by the government to prevent, minimise or rectify environmental harm caused by mining activities on or off the mining site or for completion of rehabilitation.

The amount of security is based on the amount of disturbance likely to be caused by the mining activities carried out under the authorisation, subject to the approved mining management plan.

Site Current operator Authorisation number Security held
(as at 04 November 2022)
Gove Operations RTA Gove Pty Limited 0035-02 $974,231,600.00
Bootu Creek Manganese Project OM (Manganese) Ltd 0011-04 $11,663,175.00
Cosmo Project NT Mining Operations Pty Ltd 0546-03 $6,379,893.00
Dhupuma Plateau Bauxite Mine Gulkula Mining Company Pty Ltd 0929-01 $581,248.00
Edna Beryl Mine Edna Berryl Mining Company Pty Ltd 0880-01 $53,250.00
Gemco Mine Groote Eylandt Mining Company Proprietary Limited 0126-01 $156,893,690.00
McArthur River Mine McArthur River Mining Pty. Ltd. 0059 $476,476,968.00
SILL80 Roper Project Australian Ilmenite Resources Pty Limited 0721-01 $891,151.00
The Granites Gold Mine Newmont Tanami Pty Ltd 0086-02 $40,633,648.00
Nathan River Project NRR Services Pty Ltd 1062-01 $5,661,549.00
Lithium Developments (Grants NT) Pty Ltd Grants Lithium Project 1021-01 $3,720,639.00

Note: The department currently holds a total of $1,729,867,906.78 in mining securities.

Securities held against individual mining authorisations can be obtained on written application addressed to the Manager Mining Register by emailing, last updated 04 November 2022.

Last updated: 04 November 2022

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