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NT Wide Geoscience Datasets

Important information

The Northern Territory (NT) datasets are now available directly from STRIKE and this page will be removed in the near future.


MapInfo TAB file
Google Earth KML file
ESRI Shapefile
ANZLIC Metadata profile
Comma-separated value file
Layer Group Layer NameMetadataDownload
Mapsheet Indexes Mapsheets 100K  NT Mapsheets TAB NT Mapsheets KMLNT Mapsheets SHP
Mapsheets 250K  
Wells and Drillholes Petroleum Wells Northern Territory Petroleum Wells metadataNT Drilling TAB NT Drilling KMLNT Drilling SHP
Drill holes Northern Territory Drillhole Inventory metadata
Core Samples Northern Territory Core Library Catalogue metadata
Diamonds Kimberlites Northern Territory Diamond Exploration Database metadata 
Diamond Indicator Mineral
Diamond Samples
Mineral Deposits and Mines Mine Sites Northern Territory Mines metadataNT Mineral Deposits TAB NT Mineral Deposits KMLNT Mineral Deposits SHP
Mineral Occurrences Northern Territory Mineral Occurrences metadata
Geophysics Geophysical Survey Index – NTGS NT Geophysics TAB NT Geophysics KMLNT Geophysics SHP
Geophysical Survey Index – Open File
Geophysical Survey Index – Closed File
Seismic Lines Northern Territory Statewide Geophysics - Seismic Lines metadataNT Geophysics TAB NT Geophysics KMLNT Geophysics SHP
Geophysical Strings – Magnetics NT Geophysics TAB NT Geophysics SHP
Geophysical Strings – Gravity NT Geophysics TAB NT Geophysics SHP
Geochronology Geochronology UPbHfO Northern Territory Geochronology Uranium-Lead (UPb) metadataNT Geochronology TAB NT Geochronology KMLNT Geochronology SHP
Geochronology SmNd Northern Territory Geochronology Samarium-Neodymium (Sm-Nd) metadata
Geochemistry Rockchips Northern Territory Geological Survey - Geochemistry metadataNT Geochemistry TAB NT Geochemistry SHP
Soils Northern Territory Geological Survey - Geochemistry metadata
Stream Sediments Northern Territory Geological Survey - Geochemistry metadata
Wholerock Northern Territory Geological Survey - Geochemistry metadata
Geology Maps NTGS Projects Northern Territroy Geological Survey - Projects metadataNT Geology TAB NT Geology KMLNT Geology SHP
Regolith Regions 2.5M Northern Territory Regolith Landforms 2500K metadata
Geology Regions 2.5M Northern Territory Geological Regions 2500K metadata
Geological Faults 2.5M Northern Territory Faults 2500K metadata
Geological Interp 2.5M Geological Map of the Northern Territory 2500K metadata

For more help and support please submit a request via the STRIKE Online Request Form, or call the Minerals and Energy InfoCentre on 08 8999 6443.

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Last updated: 27 September 2019

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