Accessing NT datasets

Important information

The Northern Territory (NT) datasets are now available directly from STRIKE and this page will be removed in the near future.

Using the new download tab in STRIKE users can directly download Titles and Geoscience datasets.

The new STRIKE downloads tab lists the available NT wide datasets for download. Users can download a variety of spatial formats and where available a link to the data’s metadata is provided.

The Mineral and Energy Title datasets contain all available datasets as a complete group.

The Geoscience datasets are now available as either a group or individual download.

Where the dataset is large file or contains many records, it may not be available in all formats, for example Geochemistry.

Users can also access data using the download wizard tool. STRIKE allows users to download subsets of visible datasets for an area of interest that are displayed on the map.

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Last updated: 27 September 2019

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