Management arrangements for the Northern Territory offshore net and line fishery

Introducing an individual transferable quota management framework and associated harvest strategy

The offshore net and line fishery is a quota based fishery, operating in Northern Territory (NT) waters from the low water mark to the boundary of the Australian Fishing Zone. The area of the fishery is approximately 542,000 nm2. The offshore net and line fishery is currently managed primarily via output (catch based) and to a lesser extent, input (gear based) controls. Primary gears include pelagic net and demersal line.

With the exception of no-take species (as defined under NT Fishery Regulations), the offshore net and line fishery can take any cartilaginous fish or any bony fish taken while targeting cartilaginous fish using approved methods. The key species taken are Grey Mackerel, Blacktip Sharks and Spot-tail Sharks. Other retained species include other Sharks and finfish.

A comprehensive new Management Framework and Associated Harvest Strategy for the Offshore Net and Line Fishery is now in effect.

The new arrangements have been developed in accord with contemporary, nationally-accepted management practices to provide incentives to harvest catch in a more efficient manner, and encourage a greater spread of effort across the fishery.

Read the Management Arrangements for the Northern Territory Offshore Net and Line Fishery Strategy. PDF (628.7 KB)

Last updated: 17 December 2018

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