The Territory space industry 2020 has been developed with reference to the following strategic documents:

  1. Review of Australia’s space industry capability - report from the Expert Reference Group, March 2018
  2. Australian Government response to the review of Australia’s space industry capability
  3. Australian space agency charter
  4. CSIRO’s space roadmap, 2018
  5. Northern Territory business innovation strategy
  6. Memorandum of Understanding between the NT, SA and ACT on space industry collaboration
  7. White papers endorsed by the Space Industry Association of Australia
  8. Northern Territory international engagement, trade and investment strategic plan 2018 to 2021
  9. Northern Territory Defence and national security strategy 2018
  10. Digital Territory Strategy

Economic and Industry Development
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
Northern Territory Government

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Version: March 2019

Disclaimer: By applying for nomination an applicant acknowledges that the Northern Territory Government nomination relates exclusively to the Northern Territory and cannot be transferred to another Australian state or territory.

The Northern Territory Government is not responsible to finding nominees employment, accommodation or providing financial assistance. The Northern Territory Government is not responsible for the business or investment outcomes. Neither the Northern Territory Government nor its employees are liable for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided to the applicant relating to their application for Northern Territory Government nomination.

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Last updated: 07 July 2020

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