Demand and supply development

Demand development

Market opportunities

Innovations, policy positions and market disruptions that will influence demand for the Territory space industry include:

  • a fast-growing and fiercely competitive commercial sector
  • falling launch costs
  • escalation of demand for space-related technologies
  • innovative technology solutions (for example, reusable rockets; mass produced satellites; cube, micro and nanosatellites)
  • increased interest from private funding sources in the sector
  • early interest from commercial sector on new markets such as human spaceflight and resource mining
  • enhanced Defence interest in Australia having sovereign capabilities in space
  • increased Australian government investment in the space industry, including:
    • creation of the Australia Space Agency
    • passing of the Space Activities (Launches and Returns) Act 2018
    • investment in satellite technology to enhance GPS accuracy, and
    • partnering with international space agencies on strategic projects.

Market development can also be shaped around the Territory’s:

  • geographic advantage for launch sites
  • memorandum of understanding with Australian Capital Territory and South Australia to collaboratively grow the Australian space economy
  • strong trade connections with countries also interested in the space economy, including Japan
  • demonstrated capacity to develop emerging industries and host niche high-tech strategic operations.

Supply development

Competitive advantages and supply gaps

Priority focus ‘supply development’ areas for the Northern Territory Government will include:

  • evaluation of the ‘enablers for growth’ of Australia’s space industry as identified by the CSIRO
  • analysis of capabilities and gaps
  • enhanced understanding of supply chains
  • increased investment promotion
  • investigating partnership opportunities with research and innovation providers.

Space industry proponents’ supply-oriented focus is likely to concentrate on:

  • workforce development
  • infrastructure development
  • investment attraction
  • research and development.

Last updated: 04 June 2019

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