Trainee of the Year

Sponsored by Group Training Association Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Winner: Bradley Malby - Certificate III in Business Administration

Employer: GTNT
Host employer: Department of Corporate and Information Services
Registered training provider: Charles Darwin University

Bradley is already climbing the corporate ladder in his work as a business trainee, taking on higher duties and a heavier workload while completing his Certificate III in Business Administration studies.

His studies have a direct correlation to his work and have given him the confidence to take on new tasks. Studying components of work health and safety helped Bradley in his work updating work health safety policy and procedures for the agency.

Bradley takes up opportunities for work-based training courses to enhance his skills in the human resources sector. A proud Territorian, Bradley is keen to further his career in the Northern Territory (NT) public service while making a contribution to the wider community.

Runner up: Gerald Pasigna - Certificate IV in Computer Systems Technology

Employer: NEC
Registered training provider: Charles Darwin University

Last updated: 24 June 2019

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