Primary industry and fisheries economic profile

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade' annual economic overview provides an in-depth report on the primary industry and fisheries sectors in the Northern Territory.

The primary industry sector includes:

  • cattle – interstate movements, live export and slaughter
  • other livestock – buffalo, crocodiles, horses, camels, donkeys and goats
  • horticulture – fruit, vegetables, nursery, cut flowers and turf
  • mixed farming – field crops, hay and seeds, and forestry.

The fisheries sector includes:

  • wild catch harvest – including the Northern Prawn Fleet (Territory catch only)
  • aquaculture.

Read the Northern Territory Primary Industry and Fisheries Economic Overview 2018-19.

Previous editions

To get previous editions of the economic overview do a publications search for 'economic outlook'.

Last updated: 16 November 2020

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