Australian economic data

This section has information about Australian economic data, including the Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate, economic outlooks and insolvency statistics.

ABARE Australian commodities

In-depth analysis of Australian commodities, including prices, export markets and forecasts.

Go to the ABARE website.

ANZ economic outlook

ANZ economic outlook is published quarterly. It details the latest views on the international and Australian economies, includes feature articles on topical economic issues and summaries of ANZ's latest economic forecasts.

Go to the ANZ website.

ANZ job ads survey

The ANZ job advertisement series measures the number of jobs advertised in the major daily newspapers and internet sites covering the capital cities each month. It has historically proved to be a very good indicator of future labour market conditions. It is used to forecast employment growth.

Go to the ANZ website.

ASIC insolvency statistics

Search for companies entering external administration in each state and territory.

Go to the ASIC Published notices website.

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 population census community profiles

Key census characteristics relating to persons, families and dwellings, and covering most topics on the census from for your chosen location.

Go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

Exports of primary and manufactured products

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides information on each state and territory’s trade with the world. Exports of Primary and Manufactured Products is part of a series published each year, providing a valuable account of Australia’s international trade in goods and services.

Go to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia bankruptcy statistics

The numbers of bankruptcies, debt agreements (Part IX) and personal insolvency agreements (Part X) for each bankruptcy district.

Go to the Australian Financial Security Authority website.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Information about Australia's cash rate.

Go to the Reserve Bank of Australia website.

Reserve Bank of Australia statement on monetary policy

Rationale for current Reserve Bank of Australia monetary policy position.

Go to the Reserve Bank of Australia website.

Sensis Business Index

The quarterly Sensis® Business Index is an ongoing series of surveys tracking the confidence and behaviour of Australia's small and medium enterprises.

Go to the Sensis website.

Westpac - Melbourne Institute survey of consumer sentiment

The consumer sentiment index is an average of five component indexes which reflect:

  • consumer evaluations of their household financial situation over the past year and the coming year
  • anticipated economic conditions over the coming year and the next five years
  • buying conditions for major household items
  • assessments about future unemployment.

Go to the Westpac - Melbourne Institute website.

Last updated: 04 June 2019

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