Retail sales

Information about retail turnover and new motor vehicle sales in the Northern Territory.

Retail turnover

Seasonally adjusted, value ($ million)Jan 20Dec 20Jan 21 Monthly % change Annual % change
Total turnover 260.5308.7310.70.619.3
Selected components      
Supermarket and grocery stores  121.6 138.0 142.02.916.8
Electrical and electronic goods retail 11.914.914.3-4.020.2
Clothing, footwear and personal accessory retail 13.317.116.0-6.420.3
Cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services 37.543.944.30.918.1

Source: ABS Cat No 8501

Retail trade growth range, minimum / maximum and current value

Retail trade - monthly data: Since 2000, the minimum monthly change in Northern Territory retail trade has been -7.6 per cent and the maximum 11.6 per cent; typically retail trade growth ranges between -1.4 per cent and 1.6 per cent. In January 2021, monthly retail trade increased to 0.6 per cent.Retail trade - YonY data: Generally over the past eight years retail trade growth has moderated.

Last updated: 12 March 2021

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