Veterinary register

The Veterinary Board maintains a register of veterinarians who are registered to practise in the Northern Territory (NT). Only persons whose names are retained on this register are entitled to provide veterinary services in the NT.

Veterinarians are encouraged to check the accuracy and currency of the details listed in their entries in this public register and to advise the Board of any changes required.

Registration data last updated: 20 Oct 2022. | Export to Excel
Family name Given name/s Registration First registered Qualification Area of practice
ADAMS Belinda Jane 3046 28-Jan-16 BVSc Victoria 2004 Small Animal
AINSWORTH Ross 122 29-Jun-79 BVSc Melbourne 1975 Large Animal
ALLEN Janice Lesley 854 9-May-07 BVSc Sydney 1976 Small Animal
ANDERSON Malcolm Laurence 1068 26-Nov-12 BVMS Murdoch 1980 Mixed
ARNOLD Darren Peter 5127 20-Jan-20 BSc BVMS WA 1994 Large Animal
BARONIO Julie Anne 358 27-Jul-90 BVMS (Hons) Murdoch 1984 Small Animal
BARTIE Shane Waldy 841 21-Feb-07 BVSc Pretoria 1995 Small Animal
BATES Laurelle Linda 780 15-Dec-04 BSc (Hons), BVMS Murdoch 2004 Small Animal
BERRYMAN Mallory Elizabeth 5150 21-Jan-21 DVM 2020 NSW Mixed
BISHOP Richard Frederick 3085 29-Jun-16 BVSc NZ 1981 Small Animal
BLANCHETTE Rebecca 5053 18-Mar-19 Batch Vet Biol / DVM Sydney 2018 Mixed
BLICK Jason Warren 5045 24-Jan-19 BVSc BSc 2012 South Africa Mixed
BOONE Johann Marie 779 14-Dec-04 BVMS Murdoch 2004 Small Animal
BOWEN Jessica 4079 1-Nov-17 BVMS UK 2013 Small Animal
BOWMAN-DERRICK Sophia Rose 4053 27-Jun-17 BVSc VIC Small Animal
BRETT Hamish James 848 21-Mar-07 BVSc Queensland 2006 Large Animal
BURDON Jacqueline Louise 5047 4-Feb-19 BSc BVSc Pretoria SA 2012 Mixed
BURGOYNE Charlotte Lucy 4023 15-Feb-17 BVSc hons QLD 2009 Large Animal
BURLEIGH Alexander Samuel 685 8-Feb-02 BSc (Vet) Sydney 1999, BVSc Sydney 2001 Mixed
BURRIE Rebecca Josephina 4015 18-Jan-17 BVSc JCU 2016 Small Animal
BURROWS David James George 255 5-Jan-87 BVM London 1971 Small Animal
CALLOW Susanna Maria Elizabeth 711 20-Dec-02 BSc BVMS Murdoch 2000, MVSc Murdoch 2011 Small Animal
CARNOGOY Stacey 5157 20-Jan-21 DVM 2020 NSW Mixed
CARR Stephanie Louise 5143 18-Aug-20 BVSc/ Bat Vet Biol Charles Sturt NSW 2020 Small Animal
CHAIM Rebekkah Quee Ting 446 13-Feb-95 BVSc Sydney 1994 Small Animal
CHAMBERS John Charles 116 18-Oct-78 BVSc QLD 1974 Small Animal
CHAN Yan Yi Stephanie 5176 10-Sep-21 BVSc Sydney 2016 Small Animal
CHIN Ashlee 5181 10-Jan-22 BVSc QLD 2021 Small Animal
CHIN Tasman Donald 3055 9-Feb-16 BVSc QLD 2007 Mixed
CLARK Lauren Marie 5175 9-Sep-21 BVSc QLD 2011 Mixed
COLOMBAROLI Massimo Martin 5200 8-Aug-22 MSVM Utrecht Netherlands Mixed
COLVILLE Melanie Jean 5026 28-Aug-18 BVSc (Hons 1) NSW 2007 Small Animal
COVENTRY Jocelyn 231 2-Jul-85 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 1984; MACVSc Murdoch 2000 Government
CRAFFORD Riann 5191 16-Feb-22 BVSc 2020 South Africa Small Animal
CUTHBERT Joel Matthew 5149 23-Jan-21 DVM 2020 WA Mixed
CUTTER Stephen Mark 501 3-Apr-97 BVSc (Hons) VIC 1995 Small Animal
DAFFEY Caitlyn 5166 21-Apr-21 BVSc QLD 2019 Mixed
DALEY Celia Jane 873 2-Oct-07 BVScVIC 2001 Small Animal
DAUTH Lara Jacqueline Bettink 614 27-Apr-00 BSc Vet Biol, BVMS (Hons) Murdoch 1998 Small Animal
DAVIES Nick 5179 8-Dec-21 DVM Vic 2021 Small Animal
DAYMOND Kate Louise 4052 16-Jun-17 BVSc (Hons) Vic 2010 Small Animal
DENNIS Kerry Austin 111 21-Apr-78 BVSc Sydney 1975 Small Animal
DETROIS Perrine 5147 13-Oct-20 DVM 2013 Lyon Small Animal
DIGGES Aisling Helen 1067 12-Nov-12 BVSc Sydney 2011 Small Animal
DREW Tessa Mary 5148 2-Dec-20 BVSc 2010 Pretoria SA Mixed
DRURY Aislinn 5195 24-May-22 BVSc (hons) NSW 2016 Small Animal
DUDGEON Cindy Marie 1076 13-Feb-13 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 2006 Large Animal
DUNN Amanda Louise 2093 13-Jan-15 BVSc (1st Class) QLD 2014 Small Animal
DYRTING Kitman Chu 898 13-Jan-15 BVSc QLD 1996 Government
EASTLEY Jessica Marie 1035 1-Aug-02 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 2008 Small Animal
ELLIOTT Sarah 5158 27-Jul-08 BVMS 2014 UK Mixed
EVERS Luca 5201 8-Aug-22 MSVM Utrecht Netherlands Mixed
FAREBROTHER Jamin Anthony 695 9-Feb-21 BVSc Sydney 1993, MANZCVS Mixed
FITZPATRICK Susanne Elizabeth 721 21-Dec-11 BVSc (Hons Class 1) QLD 2002 Government
FOSTER Ayrial 3003 17-Mar-15 BVSc James Cook 2014 Government
GARDINER Inge Christiane 808 13-Dec-05 BSc, BVMS Murdoch University 2005 Small Animal & Equine
GIFFORD Storm Catherine 991 19-Jan-11 BVSc JCU 2010 Mixed
GILES Arielle Olivia 5115 16-Dec-19 DVM Vic 2019 Small Animal
GILIAM Jane 4022 15-Feb-17 BVSc NZ 2012 Small Animal
GIRARDOT Vincent 5146 13-Oct-20 DVM Lyon 2011 Small Animal
GURRY Ian Martin 448 10-Oct-94 BVMS Murdoch 1992 Small Animal
GURRY Susan Elizabeth 426 17-Jun-94 BVMS Murdoch 1993 Small Animal
HANRAHAN Natasha Faye 1045 8-Mar-12 BVSc VIC 2008 Small Animal
HANSELL Bree 610 14-Mar-00 BVSc QLD 1999 Small Animal
HANSEN Peter Hou 982 10-Nov-10 BVSc Sydney 2004 Small Animal
HANSEN Vanessa Jane 967 2-Jul-10 BVSc Sydney 2003 Small Animal
HARDING Amy Rhonda 4093 15-Jan-18 BVSc QLD 2017 Mixed
HARDWICK Amy 3057 12-Feb-16 BVSc 2010 NSW Small Animal
HAYNE Anthony James 493 27-Dec-96 BVSc QLD 1994 Large Animal Export
HESFORD Alexandra Louise 657 20-Jun-01 BVSc Bristol 1996 Small Animal
HOKANSON Cameron Duncan 950 4-Feb-10 BVSc (Hons) QLD 1995 Mixed
HOLLAMBY Simon Ralph 5018 9-Jul-18 BVSc NSW 1991 Wildlife (Captive)
HOLZTRAGER Fritz Achim 3020 5-Jul-15 BVSc RSA 1994 Small Animal
HUXLEY Sophie Kate 5036 11-Dec-18 BVMS WA 2018 Small Animal
JAYAWARDHANA Gehan Anthony 243 5-Nov-86 BVSc QLD 1986 Large Animal
JEFFREY Michelle Frances 968 20-Jul-10 BVSc QLD 2004 Research/Teaching
JOHNSON Lynelle Rae 440 15-Jul-84 DVM Ohio 1987 Small Animal
KADEN Annie Marie 3071 20-Apr-16 BVMS WA 2013 Small Animal
KAUR Nakita 5198 3-Aug-22 BSc DVM WA 2019 Mixed
KELSO Madeleine Dawn Hilda 2079 31-Oct-14 BVSc QLD 2011 Small Animal
KETTLE Anthony 5020 16-Jul-18 BVSc NZ 1989 Equine
KING Clements 5204 6-Oct-22 BV Biol DVM NSW 2021 Mixed
LASH Laurie 127 19-Feb-80 BVSc (Hons) QLD 1979 Small Animal
LECK David John 613 29-Mar-00 BVSc (Hons I) QLD 1995 Mixed
LEU Tenelle Emma 5122 7-Jan-20 BVSc (Hons) QLD 2019 Small Animal
LOW CHOY Jodie Alice 400 6-May-92 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 1991 Small Animal
McINTOSH Nicole 5199 4-Aug-22 DVM WA 2020 Small Animal
MCMAHON Kara Naomi 4099 26-Feb-17 BVSc (hons) QLD Small Animal
MCMAHON Samantha Jane 355 18-Jan-90 BVSc QLD 1989 Mixed
MONTEIRO-PEREIRA Jamaya 5046 29-Jan-19 BVSc QLD 2017 Small Animal
MONTGOMERY-QUINN Marie Therese 831 24-Jul-06 BSc, BVSc Murdoch 1985 Small Animal
MOORE Jared William 5038 17-Dec-18 BVSc 2016 James Cook QLD Small Animal
MOORE Megan 5188 2-Feb-22 BVM BVSc 2019 UK Small Animal
MOYLAN Kathleen Gwendoline 567 5-Feb-99 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 1985 Small Animal
MOYLE Leigh William 5156 23-Jan-21 DVM 2017 VIC Mixed
MUNSTER Vicki 3015 15-May-15 BVSc QLD 2011 Large Animal
MURAKAMI Julie Faye 252 22-Dec-86 BVMS Murdoch 1986, MVS Murdoch 2007 Small Animal
NAUCK Angela Maria Michaela 5007 28-Apr-18 BVMS UK 1993 Mixed
NELSON Honey 822 4-Apr-07 BVSc (Hons) QLD 1983 Small Animal
OLIVER Sarah Jane 5187 25-Jan-22 BVSc QLD 2016 Small Animal
OLVIER Kenneth Vincent 89 27-Aug-75 BVSc QLD 1974 Large Animal
OSBORNE Deborah Anne 195 11-Apr-84 BVSc Sydney 1980 Small Animal
PAARMAN Renee Elizabeth 5174 4-Aug-21 BVSc Bat Vet Biol 2015 Charles Sturt Small Animal
PARRATT Sophie Jane 2015 24-Jan-15 BVSc Vic 2013 Small Animal
PAYNE Jenelle Louisa 5112 9-Dec-19 DVM Adelaide 2019 Small Animal
PEARSON Fiona Mary 4088 8-Jan-18 DVM Vic 2017 Mixed
PEYRER Simona 924 17-Jun-09 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 2005 Small Animal
PHELAN Samantha Therese 565 19-Mar-99 BVSc Sydney 1994 Mixed
PICKERING Megan 445 13-Feb-95 BVSc (Hons) VIC 1993 Large Animal
PUGH Jenna 5203 14-Sep-22 BVSc WA 2014 Small Animal
QUINLAN Angela Michelle 3042 5-Jan-16 BVSc JCU 2015 Small Animal
REID Katherine Elisabeth 623 29-May-00 BVSc (Hons) VIC 1989 Small Animal
ROPER David Henry 5041 24-Jan-19 BVSc 2018 QLD Mixed
SALLES MUNERATO Marina 5114 13-Dec-19 Medico Veterinario / Veterinary Doctor Brasil 2005 Small Animal
SAVILLE Peter Harvey 756 27-Apr-04 BVM London, MRCVS 1972, MSc Edinburgh 1988 Government
SCHMIDT Josef Karl 500 7-Apr-97 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 1997 Government
SHERWOOD Melissa Jean 1012 23-Dec-99 BVSc, BVMS Murdoch 1999 Small Animal
SHILTON Catherine Margaret 669 10-Sep-01 DVM Guelph 1992 Government
SIMMONS Donna Faye 5196 1-Jun-22 BVSc QLD 2019 Mixed
SKUJA John Andrew 1026 23-Aug-11 BVSc Sydney 2000 Small Animal
SMALL Kelvin John 138 12-Sep-88 BVSc QLD 1978 Mixed
SMART Chelsea Jade 5070 11-Jul-19 BSc DVM Adelaide 2016 Small Animal
SMITH Suzannah 805 22-Feb-06 BVSc Sydney 2005 Mixed
SMITH Kimball Robert 628 13-Jul-00 BVSc QLD 1975, FACVSc Veterinary Surgery - Small Animal Small Animal
STACEY_STEVENS Eleanor 5197 27-Jul-22 Bvet Med UK 2022 `Small Animal
STEDMAN Elizabeth Margaret 1098 15-Aug-13 BVet Biol/BVSc Charles Sturt University 2013 Government
STOLTZ Natasha 5186 24-Jan-22 BVSc Pretoria 2021 Small Animal
SWAN Olivia Rose 5185 25-Jan-22 BVMs WA 2018 Mixed
TASKER Molly Katika-Jane 5108 11-Nov-19 BVSc QLD 2018 Small Animal
THANE Tegan Frances 5173 25-Aug-22 Batch Vet Biol / DVM Sydney 2020 Mixed
THOMAS Alison Claire 5120 7-Jan-20 BVSc James Cook 2019 Mixed
THOMAS Jennifer Lee 770 4-Oct-04 BVSc (Hons) Sydney 1986 Small Animal
TING Shawn Yi Kuang 4017 7-Feb-17 BVSc 2012 VIC Small Animal
TONG Margot Ann 2016 28-Jan-14 BVSc(hons) QLD 2013 Small Animal
TREATCH Lisa Ann 1057 9-Jul-12 BSc, BVMS Murdoch 2004 Small Animal
TREMBATH Peter Richard 681 5-Sep-89 BVSc (Hons) VIC 1979 Mixed
TREMBATH Rupert Thomas Dunstan 4089 8-Jan-18 BVSc QLD 2017 Mixed
TRINDER Catherine Jane 1052 15-Jul-72 BVSc (Hons) QLD1996 Small Animal
VAN SITTERT Sybrand Jacobus 5141 22-Jun-20 BVSc 2007 South Africa Small Animal
VANDERSTELT Sarah Joanna 901 14-Aug-08 BVMS Murdoch 2003 Small Animal
VASTMANS Anne 5180 10-Jan-22 Master Vet Medicine Belgium 2016 AVBC Exam Certificate 2021 Small Animal
VAUGHAN Charles William 5194 28-Mar-22 BVSc / BVBiol WA 2020 Large Animal
WALTER Lauren Genevieve 712 11-May-05 BVMS Murdoch 1998 Mixed
WASS Toby Andrew 1037 21-Dec-11 BVSc QLD 2006 Large Animal/Export
WATERMEYER Leana 911 24-Nov-08 BVSc Pretoria 1998 Small Animal
WEBSTER Charles William 5189 2-Feb-22 BVM BVSc 2019 UK Small Animal
WEBSTER Rebecca Kirsty 4076 5-Sep-17 BSc BVMS MVS WA 2006 Small animal
WEERASINGHE Gayan Samandith 5039 18-Dec-18 BVSc QLD 2011 Mixed
WEERATUNGA Madusha 3048 3-Feb-16 BVSc (hons) QLD 2012 Large Animal
WILSON Lucy Myrtle 5184 17-Jan-22 BV Biol DVM NSW 2021 Mixed

Last updated: 14 July 2022

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