Letter of good standing

A letter of good standing confirms:

  • you are currently registered with the Veterinary Board of the Northern Territory (VBNT)
  • you are not the subject of any disciplinary enquiries
  • there are no disciplinary findings against you.

You need to apply for a letter of good standing from the VBNT registrar if:

  • you want to register in another state / territory as a permanent resident, or
  • with a veterinary association in another country.

How to apply

To request a letter of good standing you need to:

  • email or fax the VBNT registrar
  • provide details of where you are registering
  • if registering with an overseas board you must supply the site address and email.

You must allow five working days to be completed.

There is no fee for letters of good standing.

Last updated: 05 March 2021

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