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The Veterinary Board of the Northern Territory (the Board) is a statutory authority established by the Veterinarians Act 1994 representing Territory veterinarians.

The Board is responsible for the registration of veterinarian and veterinary specialists and administers the disciplinary provisions of the Act in respect of professional misconduct by registrants and the performance of prohibited practices by non-registered persons.

It has sole legislative responsibility for the regulation of veterinary service in the Northern Territory (NT). The statute acts as a means to ensure domestic and international consumer protection and animal welfare, in the delivery of veterinary services in the NT.

The Board has responsibility for the following prescribed functions:

  • promoting high standards of professional conduct in the provision of veterinary services
  • determining applications for registration from veterinarians and veterinary specialists wishing to practice in the NT
  • exercising the disciplinary powers conferred by the Act
  • investigating matters relating to the professional conduct of registered veterinarians or veterinary specialists, or the provision of veterinary services
  • issuing guidelines in relation to standards to be observed by registered veterinarians and veterinary specialists in and in connection with the provision of veterinary services
  • making the public aware of its existence and its functions
  • giving advice, where requested, on matters relating to the professional conduct of a registered veterinarian or veterinary specialist or the provision of veterinary services
  • investigating suspected offences against the Act and prosecuting such offences.

The Board’s role

The Board’s role is to protect the public and guide the veterinary profession. The Board comprises a combination of veterinarians appointed by the Minister, veterinarians elected by registered veterinarians via postal ballot, and a non-veterinarian appointed by the Minister to represent the public interest.

Board members

Dr Susanne Fitzpatrick
President, ex-officio, Chief Inspector, Livestock

Dr Ian Gurry
Vice President, Elected Member, Veterinarian

Dr Sarah VanDerstelt
Elected Member, Veterinarian

Dr Megan Pickering
Appointed Member, Veterinarian

Marion Davey
Appointed Member, Public Interest Representative, Non-veterinarian

Last updated: 05 March 2021

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