Racing Commission investigation and terms of reference

Investigation into the Darwin Greyhound Association

The Northern Territory (NT) Racing Commission and the NT Consumer Affairs Commissioner have launched an investigation into the Darwin Greyhound Association.

In the NT greyhound racing is governed by the Racing and Betting Act 1983 and NT Consumer Affairs administers the Associations Act 2003.

The investigation will examine a series of complaints from current and former members and trainers about the operations of the association and greyhound racing.

Please refer to the investigation’s terms of reference below.

Darwin Greyhound Association members and industry participants can email information to

Read the news article investigation into Darwin Greyhound Association.

Appointment of investigator and terms of reference

The Racing Commission (the commission) and the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs (the commissioner) jointly have a regulatory interest in the management and operation of the Darwin Greyhound Association Incorporated (DGA) and seek to conduct an investigation into the affairs of the association. In accord with section 57(1) of the Racing and Betting Act 1983 and section 93 of the Associations Act 2003, the commission and commissioner have jointly determined to appoint an investigator to investigate matters relating to greyhound operations and associations obligations.

Terms of reference

The investigator is in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness:

  1. to investigate whether the DGA is operating their association in accordance with the Associations Act, appropriate governance and business practice and standards, and meeting obligations as set out in their NT Government funding agreement
  2. to investigate whether the DGA is compliant with building / construction, tenancy and other laws in relation to the DGA premises located at 15 Hook Road, Winnellie
  3. to investigate whether the greyhound industry in the NT has sufficient policies and procedures to ensure best practice animal welfare standards are being adhered to
  4. to investigate whether additional policies, procedures or guidelines are required for the DGA to meet their obligations under the Racing and Betting Act
  5. to investigate whether the constitution adequately addresses, and is consistent with, the greyhound rules
  6. to investigate specific claims with regard to a complaint dated 20 August 2018
  7. to note any additional information that may be relevant to the regulation of greyhounds in the NT that is not addressed above
  8. consider all available evidence and document the investigation
  9. where there are contentious facts and a recommendation is made as to which evidence is to be preferred, the reasons for preferring that evidence over other evidence should be clearly set out
  10. to complete a report on the findings of the investigation including any recommendations and directions to the management committee of the DGA.

The investigator should ensure that the investigation is completed and a report provided as soon as is practicable.


The investigator is authorised, as considered necessary for the purpose of the investigation, to:

  1. interview persons he / she considers necessary to carry out the investigation
  2. access records in Licensing NT in relation to the matters relevant to the terms of reference, and
  3. seek any guidance required from time to time from the commissioner or the chairperson of the Racing Commission.

Stephen Gelding
Commissioner, Consumer Affairs

Alastair Shields
Chairperson, NT Racing Commission

Last updated: 24 August 2021

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