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Investigation into the Darwin Greyhound Association final report


In 2020, the Northern Territory (NT) Racing Commission and NT Consumer Affairs Commissioner launched an investigation into the Darwin Greyhound Association (DGA). The investigators were Hutton McCarthy Lawyers.

In the NT greyhound racing is governed by the Racing Commission under the Racing and Betting Act 1983. The department’s Occupational Licensing and Associations division holds delegation on behalf of the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs and administers the Associations Act 2003.

The investigation examined a series of complaints from current and former members and trainers about the operation, the association and greyhound racing.

Read the Racing Commission investigation and terms and reference.

Investigation findings

The report provides a welcome opportunity to improve the oversight and operations of the greyhound industry in the NT, particularly given the significant growth the industry has experienced over recent years.

However, the report did find the NT greyhound industry does not have adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure best practice animal welfare standards are being adhered to.

The report sets out 60 recommendations to improve the regulation and operation of the greyhound racing industry in the NT.

Read the Investigation into the Darwin Greyhound Association - Final Report PDF (6.4 MB)

Next steps

The recommendations present a significant opportunity for the Racing Commission and the Darwin Greyhound Association to build on the work it has already commenced and to ensure animal welfare standards are met within the industry.

The NT Government supports the continued growth of the greyhound industry and ensuring a robust regulatory framework is implemented to improve the industry’s integrity and welfare of greyhounds.

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade together with the Racing Commission and Darwin Greyhound Association will develop and progress an implementation plan for all recommendations in the final report.


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Last updated: 24 August 2021

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