Liquor Commission

Variation of conditions of licence or authority by the Liquor Commission

Section 113 of the Liquor Act 2019 provides for the Liquor Commission, on its own initiative, to vary the condition of a licence or an authority other than a condition added or varied by the minister under section 88, and sets out the process.

Before varying the conditions, the commission must give the licensee a written notice that states the proposed variation and reasons for the proposed variation and invites the licensee to submit a response to the proposed variation within 28 days after the date of the notice.

The commission may vary the conditions of the licence or authority as proposed in the notice or in another way the commission considers appropriate after considering any response of the licensee submitted within the 28-day period, the results of any hearing; and the public interest and community impact requirements.

As soon as practicable after deciding to vary the conditions, the commission must give a decision notice to the licensee.

The variation takes effect on the later of the following - the date on which the licensee receives the decision notice or the date stated in the decision notice.

Decision noticeDecision date
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Last updated: 29 December 2020

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